RASTAFARI – the holistic way of life practiced by many Jamaicans including Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Mutbaruka involves the belief in the spiritual and natural healing. Rastas hardly ever go to the doctor except sometimes for diagnosis. Treatment is usually herbs which grow all over Jamaica.

Rasta Medicine Man Plantation Tour

Many of these herbs were brought from Africa by our ancestors but over the years the knowledge of the use of these herbs has been lost. Recently new interest has been generated in herbal medicines  and some naturopathic doctors have achieved critical acclaim through their use of herbs in healing cancer and other lifestyle diseases.

This tour introduces you to the true Rastaman, who grows locks but should not to be confused with  a Dreadlocks which is  someone who sports the hair style. This is someone who lives in the hills away from the hustle and bustle. Who rises by the sun and sleeps by the moon. Who eats what he grows and grows what he eats. Who shuns promiscuity and excess. This is a healthy man who defies aging and looks forever young. A wise man who can teach you about yourself and  your relationship to everything around you. This is the man whose personal motto is "Peace and Love".

Meet him in his natural habitat surrounded by plants and shrubs....................$49 includes entrance fee and a souvenir.

Rasta meal of vegetables or sea fish can be prepared  by special pre-arrangement  at additional cost.

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